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The future of saddlefitting just turned brighter

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Become a qualified saddlefitter

Do you want to turn your hobby into your profession? Are you passionate about horses, horse welfare and have you always dreamt of working in the equine industry but you didn't want to be riding all day or spend most of your days mucking out stables? Do you want to make a difference in welfare of both horse and rider, be a part of the team around a horse and make a difference in performance? 

Then becoming a saddlefitter might just be what you were looking for. As a saddlefitter you can truly make a direct difference in the performance and welfare of both horse and rider.

After launching our first Dutch course in '22 we received a lot of questions from people abroad to follow the course. We decided to fully run a course first in order to further optimalise our program. Now, we're ready to go international. 

Let's make a difference together. 

"The saddle is the most important and literal connection between both horse and rider."

About the course

Saddlefitting is still an unregulated profession. This means that anyone, with or without the proper knowledge can start working as a saddlefitter. In this day and age where the equine industry is under such a magnifying glass worldwide, horse welfare is becoming more important. Never has there been more research carried out in regards to horse welfare than in these current times. This is exactly why we think it is time to do better.

Together with a team of equine specialists we carefully re-evaluated saddlefitting as a profession. What competences, qualities and knowledge does a really good saddlefitter have to hold in order to really make a difference? Where can we do better and improve what we’ve been doing throughout the years?

The outcome of these intensive sessions is the guiding principle throughout the course. The Equine Saddlefitting Specialist course is unique in its completeness, depth, practical knowledge, and guidance in entrepreneurship.

We promise

We promise to give you the best possible preparation for your career as a saddlefitting specialists. During the course we teach you everything about the anatomy and biomechanics of both horse and rider, we teach you all the ins and outs about saddles, their fit and how to tackle the most challenging fits. Besides this, we give you all the tools you need to give your company the best possible start. 

We use the blended-learning teaching method. This means we combine online and offline training methods to prepare you for the practical days. This way you can combine this course with your other responsibilities, but the most important thing; during the practical days we can really dive deeper into horse, rider and saddles because we have covered the basics online. 

This allows us to offer more depth, better insights and better training to help you to become the best saddlefitter you can be. 


Intensive practical days

Experienced teachers

Extensive module entrepeneurship

What our former students said about the course: 

"I recently completed the Equine Saddlefitting Specialists course, and I have to say I was genuinely impressed with the depth and quality of the education provided. This course not only taught me about saddle fitting, but also emphasized collaboration with other equine specialists like veterinarians, physiotherapists and motion analysts. 

During the course it became evident how vital a well-fitted saddle is for a horse's well-being. The course's focus on working alongside other professionals underscores its commitment to the holistic approach to equine health. It's not just about fitting saddles; it's about improving the overall welfare of our horses. 

The knowledge I gained during the course is invaluable, and now I feel even more a sense of responsibility to contribute to equine well-being. The support and sense of community within the course make it easier to strive for this goal. Anne, our mentor, deserves special mention. Her enthusiasm is truly infectious and played a significant role in making the learning experience engaging and enjoyable. 

What truly set this course apart is the inclusion of the entrepeneurship lessons. The lessons ensure that once you've earned your certificate, you are not just a skilled specialist but also well-prepared to run your own business in this field. 

In summary, the Equine Saddlefitting Specialist course is comprehensive and fulfilling. It offers a deep understanding of saddle fitting, promotes collaboration with other equine specialists, and equips you to make a positive impact on horse well-being. The combination of knowledge, community support and entrepeneurial skills, along with Anne's infectious enthusiasm, makes this course and excellent choice for anyone passionate bout the welfare of horses. 

Amanda van der Meij de Bie, The Netherlands
Certified Equine Saddlefitting Specialist - Graduated in '23

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"Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world"

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