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Erkende opleiding zadelpasser, hoe word je zadelpasser
VZTD, branche-erkende opleiding tot zadelpasser. Zadelpasser worden. hoe word je zadelpasser
crkbo geregistreerd. opleiding tot zadelpasser, hoe word je zadelpasser

Enroll directly

Do you want to make a difference in equine welfare with us? Are you tired of your office job and want to follow your passion? Do you want to turn your hobby into a profession and work with horses without working in the stables or as a stable rider? Do you prioritize equine welfare and want to support horses and riders in achieving the best results?


Then the Equine Saddlefitting Specialist training is right for you! The first international group starts in february of '24. You can either sign up directly below or contact us for more information.

Our institution is registered in the Central Register of Short Professional Education (CRKBO), and therefore, it is VAT-free.

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