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Our Story

This industry-recognized course for saddle fitting has been established on the basis of faith, trust, and the mission that it can and must be done better. The profession of saddle fitting is currently still an unregulated occupation. Unfortunately, this means that anyone can practice this profession, with or without expertise or relevant training.

To prepare you as effectively as possible, we collaborate with only the very best equestrian specialists in their respective fields. Together with them, we have closely examined the saddle specialist. During intensive brainstorming sessions, we have identified the knowledge and skills that are currently lacking in the average saddle fitter and what, in our opinion, is essential to perform this work well and provide proper guidance to both horse and rider, now and in the future. It can always be improved, after all. The result of this intensive collaboration is the common thread in this industry-recognized training.

The course to become a saddlefitter at Equine Saddlefitting Specialists is unique in its comprehensiveness, depth, practical knowledge, and guidance in entrepreneurship. You will acquire knowledge of the anatomy and biomechanics of both the horse and the rider, as well as the knowledge and skills you gain about saddle fitting and the saddle itself. Additionally, you will receive all the tools you need to actually carry out this work in practice. The mistakes I made when I started my company, Het Zadelkompas, are mistakes you don't have to repeat.

Our team of instructors prepares you for entrepreneurship, dealing with customers, creating a solid business plan, positioning within the market, and handling difficult conversations. We teach you to engage at a high level with veterinarians and physiotherapists, as a good collaboration with other professionals can make or break the outcome of your work as a saddle specialist. We teach you to provide comprehensive advice to your clients and to give a proper explanation of the further course of your guidance, as a well-fitting saddle is a "work in progress." In short, we teach you everything you need to become a successful saddle fitter and entrepreneur.

Because good is not good enough.

Anne van Boxtel - van Vugt

Qualified Saddlefitter – Society of Master Saddlers

Master Saddle Fitting Consultant

Training Coordinator Equine Saddlefitting Specialists

erkende opleiding zadelpasser zadelmaker op hbo niveau
erkende opleiding zadelpasser zadelpasser worden hoe word je zadelpasser
erkende opleiding zadelpasser zadelpasser worden hoe word je zadelpasser
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