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Saddlefitting course, become a saddlefitter saddle fitting course
erkende opleiding zadelpasser zadelpasser worden hoe word je zadelpasser
erkende opleiding zadelpasser zadelpasser worden hoe word je zadelpasser

Become a saddlefitter

The Equine Saddlefitting Specialist course is an industry-recognized vocational course. During the course, you will learn how to correctly fit and adjust a saddle for both horse and rider. Additionally, you will learn how to provide professional advice regarding the fit of a saddle for a horse-rider combination and how to perform the most common repairs and adjustments correctly. Finally, you will learn everything necessary to start your own saddle fitting business, from bookkeeping to legal matters, marketing, and everything in between. The extensive knowledge and experience of our teachers are interwoven throughout the program, making it unique in its depth and completeness.


Upon completion of the program, you will have extensive knowledge and experience in:

  • The anatomy, movement mechanics, and physiology of the horse.

  • The anatomy, movement mechanics, and correct posture and position of the rider.

  • Recognition of back problems in both the horse and rider.

  • The most common types of saddles.

  • Static and dynamic assessment of the saddle for both the horse and rider.

  • Advising on optimalising the fit of a saddle.

  • Performing the most common repairs and adjustments to a saddle.

  • The latest research in the field of saddles and various measuring systems.

  • Entrepreneurship and marketing in the broadest sense of the word.


The Equine Saddlefitting Specialist has a professional and entrepreneurial attitude. They can communicate with (potential) customers in a correct manner and conduct thorough research and provide professional advice regarding saddles. Horse welfare is always paramount, and they operate as advocates for the horse. Additionally, they are very aware of the limits of their knowledge and expertise and therefore work closely with a wide range of professionals to achieve the best possible results for both horse and rider. The Equine Saddlefitting Specialist is a good sparring partner for veterinarians, but also physiotherapists when it comes to horse welfare.

Contents and learning program

This one-year training program for saddle fitting is divided into 4 periods, each lasting 10 weeks. During each period, two modules are taught. In total, there are 8 modules: Horse, Rider, Saddle Fitting Theory, Padding, Saddle Fitting Practice, Repairs, Entrepreneurship, and, finally, internships.

Blended Learning

For the saddle fitting training at Equine Saddlefitting Specialists, we choose different forms of education. The skills required to become a good saddle fitter are naturally learned through hands-on practice. The knowledge needed for that can, in part, be acquired at your own pace and in your own time. Therefore, in addition to practical days, we also incorporate a mix of online lessons and self-study through our e-learning platform.

Practical Days

Our online lessons prepare you for what really matters; our practical training. During the course you will be expected to join our practical training at our training facility in the Netherlands. These training days will be held twice a year; 8 days in August and 10 days in November which will be concluded with a practical exam. Besides these practical days you will receive video assignments you can do in your home country, which we will assess and give feedback on. 


Internships are an important means of gaining experience in the field. In period 2, you will complete a two-day internship with an animal physiotherapist. This provides a good understanding of the work of a physiotherapist and how it can be of value in the role of a saddle fitting specialist. In period 3, continuing into period 4, you will complete at least four days of internship with a fellow saddle fitting specialist. This allows you to become familiar with the field, gain practical experience, and interact with different types of customers. You can do these internships in you own time and your own country. 

For more information about the content of the training, you can refer to our Study Guide.

Contents and learning program
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